When Is the Best Time to Do Your Core Workout?
Core Workout
March 5, 2021

As you begin to develop a fitness routine, one of the things that you will discover will be the importance of a core workout. But what does that mean? Let’s take a look at your core muscles and how to fit a core workout into your fitness routine.

What Is Your Core?

Your core consists of all the muscles from your shoulders to your hips (it’s not just your abs!). These muscles work together to help stabilize and protect the hips and back and provide you with the energy you need to lift weights.

Your core muscles play a crucial role because they are involved in almost all body movements. They’re important even when you’re sitting! If you reach for something, lift or carry something (especially if it’s heavy), or have to twist or rotate your torso, you depend on your core muscles to do the work.

According to the Mayo Institute, strengthening your core also helps improve your overall balance and stability. In addition, strong core muscles make it easier to do most physical activities. I consider having a strong core one of the five essential elements of physical fitness. It is a primary focus when I’m working with my clients.

Some examples of exercises that work your core include planks (that’s what I’m doing in the picture above), side planks, mountain climbers, and push-ups. Remember, before you begin any new exercises or fitness program, check with your health care professional to be sure that the exercises are appropriate for you. Stop immediately if you feel pain and contact your doctor.

The Best Time for Core Workouts

So when you’re exercising, when is the best time to do your core workout? It may be tempting to leave this work until the end of your training because many of the exercises involve lying down. That would no doubt feel good after a long workout!

But in reality, the best time to do core exercises is immediately after you’ve completed your warm-up. By doing your core workout then, you will see more improvement in your overall strength and core stability.

The later that you put off core exercises in your routine, the more fatigued your muscles get and the greater the chance that you may not be as focused. Since your core is the primary driver of your overall movement, it’s essential that those muscles and your brain are fresh and ready to work together. So tackle those core exercises first!

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