How Taking Small Steps Leads to Achieving Big Goals
December 29, 2020

I know I talk a lot about taking small steps when you have decided that you need and want to get healthier and stronger. So today, I’d like to share someone else’s story with you. 

She asked that I not use her name because this is a profoundly personal journey she’s on, but I do have her permission to tell you about it, and she hopes it will inspire you. I’ll call her Kathy.

Kathy and I have been acquaintances for a while, and I know she regularly sees my posts and videos on Facebook. By chance, we saw each other several months ago. Kathy told me she wanted to start making changes to address some significant health challenges she has. 

I stressed the importance of making small changes that Kathy could maintain for the long term. I also explained that she would start noticing changes if she took a consistent approach. Those little successes would build on each other, and they would drive her to make even more changes that would benefit her. 

So what were some of the first small steps that Kathy took? 

  • She tracked her steps daily
  • She made healthier food choices
  • She was more mindful of food portion size
  • She drank more water
  • She meditated before bedtime for stress relief

These were the stepping stones that have started her journey.

I am incredibly excited to tell you that Kathy is well on her way to getting healthier. She has more energy, is making better food choices, is exercising, and wants to do even more. Kathy had a doctor’s appointment recently, and he is pleased with her progress and the changes she has made. 

Kathy’s one “complaint” is that she’s either going to have to buy a pair of suspenders to keep her pants from falling down or will have to invest in some new clothes! That’s a tough problem to have! 

What is fantastic is that these successes drive her to want to push herself more and see what other things she can accomplish. I don’t think Kathy even knows all of the things she’s capable of doing. Her potential is limitless! 

All of Kathy’s progress started with her decision to make the changes necessary to improve her health. That first step was the most important one and one that only she could take. 

Kathy wanted to change so badly that there was no room for negotiation about taking care of herself. She is a busy woman like we all are, but Kathy made the conscious choice that she matters. For a lot of us, that can be a huge decision to make. 

“All of Kathy’s progress started with her decision to make the changes necessary to improve her health. That first step was the most important one and one that only she could take.”

It’s been an honor and blessing to guide Kathy and witness all that she’s done to improve many aspects of her life. 

So to Kathy – I am extraordinarily proud of you for taking charge of your life and going after what you want. You have empowered yourself and are a force, and you inspire me. Keep up the fantastic work and the positive mindset! 

And for any of you who want to start on your own journey, do not let anything stop you! Know that you are worth it. You want to be healthy enough to participate in your life fully as well as the lives of the ones closest to you. 

Please reach out to me if you would like some help. And like with Kathy, I will be with you every (small) step of the way!  🦋

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