How to Manage the Stress of a COVID-19 World
March 18, 2020

Well, it’s pretty obvious what I need to write about this week even though you all probably have been inundated with information.

Yes, it’s COVID-19.

I’ve talked with people who are extremely concerned, others who don’t think it’s a big deal and people who are kind of in the middle. Regardless of how you feel about it, it will change our way of life temporarily – whether it is your children’s school closing down for a couple of weeks or longer, working remotely, events canceled, travel being curtailed or other disruptions to your daily routine. Some of you also are concerned about loved ones who are at risk. All of these things can make you feel anxious and stressed and these feelings can affect your physical and emotional health.

So, here are some suggestions if you aren’t showing symptoms. If you are, stay home and get better soon!

  1. While you don’t want to be around large groups, you can go outside, take a walk and enjoy nature. For my local followers, I understand that the Mount Hope Cemetery paths are now snow-free. It’s a very nice place for a walk.
  2. You can play games, catch up on reading, or clean out your garden. Anything that makes you feel positive!
  3. You can start your spring cleaning. If you do it now, you won’t have to do it when the weather is nicer.
  4. Work on that project that you keep saying you’ll get to.
  5. Listen to music, dance around your house, do yoga, practice meditation (but maybe not all at once!).
  6. Do the things that will keep you healthy – do activities that you find relaxing, get the sleep you need, exercise and eat well. This last one can be a challenge if you’re feeling anxious and are prone to stress eating. If you feel the urge to do that, text/call a friend and distract yourself in that way – it is something that works for me.

My gym has closed down and, although I am a bit cranky about that, I know that we all need to do our part to get through this challenge the best way we can.

I know you’ll all be kind and help others out when you can. Stay positive, send funny memes to people to cheer them up and hang in there! Oh yeah, and keep washing your hands!

As always, I’m here if you need anything! 🦋

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