Lessons Learned in 2020 – and Planning for 2021!
December 31, 2020

Well, 2020 certainly has been an interesting year! I’m sure you never thought you’d have to make all the adjustments, changes, and in some cases, a complete overhaul of your life. It has been a year full of challenges, that’s for sure.

So as you reflect on the past year, here’s a question for you. What have you learned about yourself?

It’s important to answer this question completely because it provides you with great insight. It allows you to focus on the things that you can improve.

Since I can’t ask you the question without answering it for myself, here goes!

I’ve learned just how structured I like my life to be. Everything has its own little cubby, and it’s all nice and neat and pretty. I’m resistant to change (especially disruptive change). But once I develop a game plan, I can accomplish a lot.

Sometimes I just need to freak out a bit and then regroup. There’s been a ton of freaking out this year!

“So as you reflect on the past year, here’s a question for you. What have you learned about yourself?”

My goal for the new year is to work on being more resilient. It’s an important trait to have in a world where you don’t know what’s coming at you.

What are your goals for the upcoming year? I’d love to know!

I wish you a new year filled with amazing adventures and a lot of personal growth! 🦋

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