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Personal Online Training

Ready to be healthy, strong, and energetic?  Are you interested in a personal training program that’s convenient and built around your schedule?

In talking with friends and clients about beginning their fitness journey, they frequently mention two challenges.  The first challenge is figuring out how to get started. It’s one of the things that’s stands between them and achieving the level of fitness and health they desire. And maybe it’s where you find yourself as well.

You know you need to do something to help yourself. Maybe you tried working out at the crowded gym. But you weren’t sure how to use the equipment – or even what exercises you should be doing. You wanted to work out, but you might have felt uncomfortable (and even a little intimidated). Worse, you were afraid you might make a mistake, overdo it, or hurt yourself.

Or maybe you’ve tried working out at home using online videos. While you might enjoy the workouts, you’re not sure how much progress you’re making, or even if the exercises and workout programs were the right ones in the first place.

Online Training

After trying one thing, then another, and then another – and having little progress to show for it – the motivation begins to fade. The momentum slows, and the frustration grows. Gradually, the workouts become fewer and fewer until they finally stop. And you’re back where you started.

Does this sound familiar?

The second challenge is trying to find the time for a regular fitness workout.  As life happens, it often gets in the way, making it hard to squeeze in time for personal fitness.  This can be especially challenging if you’re trying to work around a gym or personal trainer’s schedule.

Online Training

Your fitness journey can be challenging, either as a beginner or someone who has worked out before. I know because I’ve been there.

I tried gym workouts. I’d hop onto a machine or work with some weights, but I had no idea what I was doing, why I was doing it, and if it would even help me move closer to my goals.  And sometimes it was a hassle to make the trip to and from the gym, especially when life got hectic.

I also tried using online videos as a home training alternative. However, I was concerned that the programs weren’t designed to meet my specific needs. Sure, there were modifications, but I wasn’t certain if they were appropriate for me.

If you’re working out on your own, how do you design an effective program? I used to do a combination of leg, ab, and arm exercises but didn’t understand how the pieces fit together. As a result, I developed injuries because I didn’t know how to select exercises to benefit my body.

Your health, fitness level, experience, past or current injuries, and specific goals are all critical factors when you’re exercising. More importantly, we are all different, so a “cookie-cutter” approach won’t work.

Your Path to Fitness Success

You know it’s time to do something to help yourself. Maybe you’ve gained a little weight. You don’t seem to have enough energy to get through the day, which only gets worse because you don’t sleep well at night. Perhaps your doctor has begun having conversations with you about blood pressure, diabetes, or bone strength. You notice that it’s harder to keep your balance sometimes. Maybe you’ve started to experience joint pain or arthritis, which only limits you further. And handling the stresses of the day isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Imagine what it would be like to have more energy, feel healthier, have more self-confidence, sleep better, and experience less stress. All while knowing that you’re doing good things for your body and receiving support along the way!

As a personal trainer, I wanted to find a way to help women manage their fitness journey in a way that was easy and flexible.  That’s why I created the Active and Strong online fitness training program!

Let’s Do This

It’s Time to become active and strong!

Your fitness – When and Where You Want It.

Embarking on a fitness journey can be confusing and frustrating—I’ve been there. The endless amount of options can leave you feeling lost and maybe even derail your efforts to get healthy before you start. That’s precisely why I designed the Fitness Foundation Kickstart Program.

The 8-week Fitness Foundation Kickstart Program takes the confusion out of starting your fitness journey. By the end of the program, you’ll feel confident performing the exercises and in your body’s ability to do them. You’ll also feel more energetic, move with less aches and stiffness, and begin to actively participate in every aspect of your life.

Unique Personalization

This program isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Your Fitness Foundation Kickstart will be a personalized roadmap, considering your goals, previous experiences, and any health considerations. It’s a plan crafted with care, just for you.

 Accessible Support System

Worried about getting it right? You’ll have access to instructional videos and me as your personal coach. Forget feeling alone in this journey- I’ll be there every step of the way, available through messaging and regular Zoom calls to celebrate your wins and guide you through any challenges.

Flexibility for Real Life

Life throws us all curveballs so flexibility is key to your success. Your tailored workouts can be done in your PJs or before the sun rises, fitting seamlessly into your schedule. Your workouts will be at your fingertips, whenever you’re ready.

Holistic Approach

This isn’t just about exercise. In the Kickstart Program, we’ll also cover nutrition and healthy habits, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.

By choosing to be a part of this transformative program, you’re not merely doing a workout routine; you’re making an investment in yourself and a vibrant future. You’ll  discover the art of taking small, manageable steps toward your goals, without feeling overwhelmed.

This is about building a strong foundation. Picture this as the groundwork for everything else you aspire to achieve, where you gain confidence in your body’s remarkable capabilities.

Get ready to embark on a journey of self care and lay the groundwork for a future where you can confidently embrace all the incredible things you desire to do.

So are you ready?
Let’s kick-start this journey together!

Here’s what some of the Badass women I’ve worked with have said about their experience…

“I knew Mary for several years before I started working with her as a personal trainer when we took an exercise class together.

I had to have a total knee replacement done on both my knees which slowed me down a bit. I knew I needed to strengthen my muscles to keep up with the active lifestyle that I had become used to. Mary opened her personal training program with an online option which allowed me to do workouts from home and on my own schedule. This sounded great, but I admit I was a bit skeptical if I would be committed enough.

When you work with Mary, she wants to know what your goals are and puts together a program that will work for you. If there’s an exercise that is difficult for you, she will modify it or replace it with another. Mary also listens to what’s working and adjusts the program so you can be successful, healthy, and happy. Mary is very compassionate and truly wants her clients to succeed.

Four years ago, my first grandchild was born and I wanted to be able to run and play with them. I want to be remembered as a fun grandma. This program has helped me to be able to keep up with my grandkids and to easily run up and down the stairs.

I’ve had many great breakthroughs in this program. Just having the arm strength needed to perform daily tasks has been great. But the ability to run up and down the stairs has been my greatest achievement.

I started Mary’s online program because my life was hectic and making the time for a traditional program wasn’t going to work for me. While the ability to work out at whatever time fit into my schedule, I have to say the support from Mary is what kept me going.

I recommend this program to anyone who is uncomfortable working out in front of people, anyone who cannot squeeze another thing into their schedule outside the home, and those that are aging and looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This program is about keeping up the strength to maintain an active lifestyle. And along this journey you may gain some muscle mass, lose some weight, and just feel better physically and mentally.”

Diana W. - Maine

“It has been a pleasure working with Mary for the last 6 months. I decided that as I aged 🥴 I wanted to stay as healthy as possible and was looking to work with a trainer who would work with me on my areas of concern.

But going to a gym had no appeal. Mary’s online training has been perfect. I can fit it in my schedule when it works for me, which has been key to my staying on track. And meeting with her regularly is extremely helpful and ensures that the program comes together as it should.

Mary really listened to my areas of concern and has addressed them. Her approach has been gentle, steady, and consistant. And while the workouts are not intense I have really noticed significant inprovements in areas of strength, balance, and endurance. And my clothes fit better as well.😀

I highly recommend Mary as a Personal Trainer, I truly enjoy working with her and have gain so much from the experience.”

Cassandra Babbitt - Orono, Maine

“Lately, I’ve felt sluggish and stiff after sitting for long periods of time at work.  My only exercise was cardio, and I knew I needed to change things up.  Mary’s online training program was the best way to ensure I’d do the work.  I can schedule my workouts when it’s convenient for my schedule and family life!  It is at my pace and when it works for me, especially when my schedule changes unexpectedly.

I like the step-by-step online videos that Mary has created, and she’s always quick to get back with answers to my questions.  Mary’s also the best cheerleader, keeping me focused and moving forward.  I need that!

I feel way more energy and I can do more since I started.  I feel stronger!!  And it’s great knowing that I’m in control of this thing called “age” in some ways and in staying healthy.  For anyone who wants to keep in shape with even the smallest things, you would love this program!”

Penny Smart - Greenbush, Maine

“I’ve been working from home and sitting for most of the day and wanted to do something for myself to get healthy.  Online training with Mary works for me!  I am building my strength, have lost weight, and feel better about myself.  I love this program because Mary is always available when I need her and helps me hold myself accountable.  I recommend this program to anyone who needs a bit of a boost to get moving because this online workout program is better than the gym!  Working with Mary, I am on my way to a happier, healthier life!”

Cathy Garland - Berlin, Massachusetts

“I was interested in doing online training, so I could do it when I want, any time of day, wearing what I want (even my pajamas!).  I like how, when life gets in the way, I always have workouts available for when I have time.  I wanted to work on my balance and flexibility and have noticed improvements in both!  Recently, I had hand surgery, and Mary changed my routine up for me, including modifications for any exercises I might struggle with.  Anyone looking to get back on track, or try something new, should get in touch with Mary!”

Cindi Lemery - Bradley, Maine

Building Your Fitness Foundation: Kickstart Your Journey!

Fitness equipment

Begin your transformative journey with the  Fitness Foundation Kickstart Program, ideal for women over 50 who want to take the first steps towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

The Fitness Foundation Kickstart Program is dedicated to helping you prioritize your well-being and achieve your fitness goals.

Life is a continuous celebration of achievements and experiences, so my program is not just about exercise. It’s about cultivating a lifestyle that empowers you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I understand the importance of having a tailored approach that will meet your unique needs and goals, ensuring you achieve success in your fitness journey, in whatever way that means for you.

Regardless of where you are on life’s journey, your resilience and strength are your greatest assets. The Fitness Foundation Kickstart Program is designed to help you channel that strength into a fitness routine that suits you perfectly.

Here’s how this program can benefit you:

  • Build a Strong Foundation. You’ll work on building a strong foundation which will help improve your balance and coordination, and allow you to achieve future fitness goals.
  • Reduce Aches & Pains and Prevent Injury. You’ll learn proper exercise form and techniques to prevent injuries. You’ll also reduce the aches and pains associated with aging, and be able to enjoy daily activities without discomfort or limitations.
  • Feel More Energetic! You’ll gain knowledge about healthy nutrition habits, and how to reduce stress and feel more energetic, so you can do the things you love to do.
  • Reclain Your Confidence. You’ll reclaim your confidence and belief in your body and what it’s capable of.

Here’s how it works:

You’ll have personalized guidance and support every step of the way. We’ll have bi-weekly Zoom calls together so I can provide you with personalized coaching and valuable feedback. We’ll celebrate your wins and troubleshoot areas of concern and challenges. You’ll never feel like you’re doing this alone–you can reach out to me when questions arise. 

You’ll have your workouts available to you whenever and wherever you want them. You can do them in the comfort of your own home or while on vacation. You have the power to do your workouts on your schedule.

Your workout plans will be customized based on your needs and goals. There’s nothing cookie cutter about them! They come with short exercise videos so you know exactly what you’re doing and you feel confident that you’re doing it right.

Are you ready to redefine what it means to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally in this stage of your life? Let’s embark on this empowering adventure together, where we celebrate the remarkable you, wherever you may be on your fitness journey.

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The first step is to complete a short application for working with me so I can get to know you and your needs better.

If you’re ready to become stronger, healthier, and live a more active life, just click the button below and begin your journey!