The Grand Reopening
June 9, 2020

With the stay at home orders being lifted, the gyms opening up again, and your exercise classes resuming, you may be getting back to working out like you used to do.

In the process, you may discover that your workout seems harder than it used to be. You might be more winded during cardio sessions or find that you can’t lift the amount of weight that you could a few months ago.

It’s easy to be disappointed if you feel you’ve lost the progress you’d made. But it’s been a challenging time that nobody could have anticipated.

So be kind to yourself! Before you know it, you’ll get back to where you were and then get even better! It’ll take hard work and dedication and you’re not afraid of that! You will get there, and it might be quicker than you think!

So be patient with yourself, encourage others, and go be your awesome (badass) self! 🦋

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