What Muscles Do You Feel Working?
November 10, 2019

“What muscles do you feel working?”

That is a question I ask frequently when I’m working with a client. The answer is very important to both of us.

When you’re working out, it is key to know if the exercise you are doing is actually engaging the targeted muscles. By doing this, you’re building a mind-body connection, which is crucial to getting the results you want.

If you aren’t feeling it, then you can switch over to small activation moves to wake up those muscles and prepare them to work before returning to your original exercise. These moves can also be done ahead of time if you already know that the targeted muscles might need activation first.

I want to make sure my clients use their limited workout time efficiently and effectively to strengthen weak muscles, stretch tight areas and reach the goals they set for themselves. By asking for feedback as we’re working together I can help them achieve better results. 🦋

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