What to Eat on Thanksgiving
November 25, 2020

Would you like my advice about what to eat on Thanksgiving (did I hear one of you say “no” 😊)?

Here it is – eat whatever you want! Enjoy the food and the people you share it with. No guilt, no feeling bad.

It’s one day (okay, maybe two, because you need to eat some leftovers! 😋). Most importantly, it won’t mess up the progress you’ve made. Then, you can pick up where you left off afterward with your health and fitness routine.

I was speaking with a friend this week about healthy eating. And I told her that she’s doing fine if she’s eating well about 80% of the time. You don’t need to shoot for perfection, just work on being consistent most of the time.

So go ahead and eat the stuffing, rolls, and pie. I know I will – and I will savor every bite!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving preparations! 🦋

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